Experience packages for you

From our Experience treatments -packages you will find relaxation for you and experience for your friends. We offer treatments also for groups, so you can share your enjoyment with your most important people. Check out the treatments, contact us and schedule a treatment for you. You can also buy a gift voucher.

  • Midnight sun facial treatment

    Midnight sun facial treatment

    The gifts of the wild Northern nature- lingonberries and cloudberries - are used in the treatment. The berries have received their power from Lapland´s nightless summer. Treatment includes cleansing, face mask suitable for your skin type, hand massage, face and eye cream.

    30 min / 55 €

  • A journey to the arctic feeling good

    A journey to the arctic feeling good

    Experience Sami music and the touch of harmony. Simple and
    soothing head massage, which is carried out on a reindeer hide.
    Relieves stress and alleviates its symptoms. Oil is not used and it
    does not need undressing.

    25 min / 45 €

  • For pregnant women

    For pregnant women

    Your body is preparing a new life. Give it a moment to rest, refresh and get some strenght. Treatment includes gentle peeling and light massage with nourishing body cream.

    50 min / 79€

  • Lapland hot stone massage

    Lapland hot stone massage

    In the treatment is used warm stones, which are washed out
    the Lake Inari´s waves. Warm stones are stimulating
    energy points of the body and helps the body to release tension and stress. Heat
    from the stones transfers deep into the muscles. As a result this
    massage not only delivers a great sense of wellbeing, but also
    provides instant relaxation.

    50 min / 79 €

  • Massage of the fells

    Massage of the fells

    Muscles of the back are heated with a heating pad. A relaxing
    massage on the hands, neck, back and shoulders.

    55 min / 69 €

  • Treatments for men

    Treatments for men

    Facial for men

    Facial includes skin cleansing, scrub, face massage, mask, serum and cream.

    50 min / 79€


    Manicure for men

    Nail filing and cuticle care

    15 min / 20 €

  • Aurora Borealis body treatment

    Aurora Borealis body treatment

    Finnish tupasvilla is one of the northern natural active substances.
    Tupasvilla extract moisturizes, protects and nourishes
    the skin effectively. Body scrub and light massage makes your
    skin radiant and bright. As a result you will feel relaxed and get a luxurious, soft and smooth skin.

    50 min / 79 €

  • For children aged 4 - 14

    For children aged 4 - 14

    My first massage

    Includes a massage of back, neck, shoulders and arms.

    25 min / 35€

    Small hands and toes

    Hand or toe nails care, polish, decoration and light massage.

    25 min / 35€