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Give your skin a good boost with professional products that are right for your skin type.

With us, you can find several top brands in the industry that represent the top quality of beauty care. We are happy to help you choose the right products for everyday beauty care and party preparation, ask our beauticians for more information.

Luonkos draws from the Finnish nature

Luonkos is a pioneer in using Finnish natural ingredients. The products include eg. Finnish nettle, sea buckthorn and cranberry oils, oat, barley, clay, and beeswax. Birch bark powder and birch charcoal are products of circular economy: they come from wood industry’s sidestream, meaning birch bark and other parts that would have otherwise gone to waste. The product packaging is another Finnish forest innovation, a plastic-free cardboard.

Luonkos was the first in the world to bring the forest microbe extract into natural cosmetics! In addition to the forest microbe products, our forest products include a dry shampoo containing birch root powder, and a facial oil cleansing cake that contains birch charcoal powder.


DS  – High quality, perfume free professional hair salon line made in Finland

Chemical impact and fragrance sensitivity are our great concerns, which inspired us to develop a high-end perfume free professional hair care and styling line, for those who want to reduce chemical impact or are sensitive to fragrances. It is important to choose ingredients that have a clear function in product performance. With purity in mind our carefully chosen raw materials ultimately nourish and restore hair, without compromising performance or quality. When you want to reduce the chemical impact, less is truly more.